In the Ivy League, abstinence is a) philosophical, b) research-based, c) an outgrowth of feminism, d) sexy and fun, e) all of the above. Abstinence can mean different things for different people but strictly speaking it means no sexual contact of any kind, especially no penis-to-vagina contact. Abstinence definition, forbearance from any indulgence of appetite, especially from the use of alcoholic beverages: total abstinence. See more.


Gurl 101 – 6 Reasons Abstinence-Only Education Can Be Dangerous abstance Sexual abstinence is a choice to not participate in any genital contact. The choice is usually made for a specific moral, religious, legal, or health reason. It is the. A new study suggests teens who vow to be sexually abstinent until marriage—and then break that vow—are more likely to wind up pregnant. The law in Tennessee governing sex ed at the time said coursework must "include presentations encouraging abstinence from sexual intercourse during the.


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