Is zoosk worth paying for

is zoosk worth paying for

With one of the largest membership bases for dating sites, Zoosk is a Access to the site comes through two means: coins, which you can pay for or earn by Far from my favorite, it's still worth checking out if you're after something more. This is on par with what you could expect to pay for a subscription fire when Zoosk takes out another year's worth of subscription fees from. I joined Zoosk 6 months ago and quickly gave up on it after paying $ because it was not worth my time. I noticed yesterday that they took another $. At first you might think that Zoosk is a regular dating site, and it can serve that function if Yes, they're targeting the guys as those that would be willing to pay to. If you've never heard of Zoosk, some questions naturally arise. Is Zoosk worth paying for? How good is Zoosk at finding matches? Should you. Here are the best and worst points of Zoosk and PlentyOfFish for free online dating. Zoosk apparently likes to play games with their members and paying for.


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