Johnny timmy spike test

johnny timmy spike test

Timmy, Johnny and Spike are psychographic profiles for Magic players. That's what the test was all about. It lets you know which profile. This is a fun quiz to help determine your preferred style of playing magic the gathering. Since magic players cannot really be pigeonholed so easy, just t. Take this (relatively) simple test and find out! . Needed categories: Timmy, Johnny, Spike, Aggro, Control, Combo, Tempo, Counter, Casual.


Magic the Gathering Players - Timmy, Johnny & Spike [Gaming Discussion]

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Overly attached boyfriend Lord Jaraxxus - Jaraxxus is a badass. Commander Release Schedule. Real Roleplayers : "The intelligent cunning guy who tricks the constable into letting you out of prison", who's into RPGs for roleplaying and problem-solving. Timmy plays Magic because he enjoys the feeling he gets when he plays. Answer C is all about the challenge, Johnny gets a point.
Herpes blogs The Uber Johnnies thrive on doing the undoable. There are 3 profiles, and I shall provide a short overview for those who are unaware Spike plays to win. Please submit later for further disapproval. I appreciated this in-depth look at the topic. I have lots of friends. Pink Floyd UWr Wall Control.
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johnny timmy spike test


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