Michael douglas sex addicts

michael douglas sex addicts

As many as 12 million Americans have a sex addiction, according to the American Association for Family and Marriage Therapy. Some notable celebrities have. But for all this locker-room chat, it comes as a relief to learn that Michael Douglas is not a sex addict, never has been, and has no immediate. Michael Douglas has dismissed long-running rumours he was treated for sex addiction in the s, declaring the story was made up by a. Believe it or not, Michael Douglas has become interesting again. Soderbergh's biopic, he's now agreed to play a car dealership owner with a sex addiction. Michael Douglas admitted to a sex addiction in his biography, as well as to being an alcoholic. His half-brother died of a drug overdose. A Look Into Sex Addiction with Michael Douglas. Hi, I'm Michael Douglas, and I am addicted to sex. I don't just mean I like blue movies and magazines, I mean.


El Sexy Baile de Sharon Stone y Michael Douglas en Instinto básico michael douglas sex addicts


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