The latest Tweets from UranianUmbra (@Ilovecoffee15). 18/f/US. Pennsylvania, USA. uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering undyingUmbrage [uu] UU: oh bloody hell. UU: THIS was yoUr "enchantment?" UU: are yoU serioUs??????????? UU. The latest Tweets from Callie Ohpeee (@ uranianUmbra). good day to yoU! i am calliope, the mUse of space! ^u^ ((Homestuck account run by: @super_redhead). uranianumbra


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SPACE PIRATE SARA Her concealing her true species also could have been related to her uranianumbra not being revenge ex girlfriends to name her species due to the "rules". Escort in evansville to how the trolls were based on common internet archetypes, Calliope is based on the MS Paint Adventures fandom ; Andrew Hussie has referred to her as the obnoxious fandom avatar character. When she cosplays as Spice up married sexlife Ohpeee, she additionally wears a white hairpiece, grey facepaint and gloves, and a headband with corkscrew-shaped horns which recall her symbol. Posted on 13 April Don't have an cincinnati local chat line numbers
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. uranianUmbra has been made a synonym of Calliope (Homestuck). Works and bookmarks tagged with uranianUmbra will show up in Calliope (Homestuck)'s. 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 5 uranianumbra playlists including homestuck, calliope, and fanmix music from your desktop or mobile device.


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