What alpha are you

what alpha are you

Hi guys! I think I might do a quiz or whatever you call it on you. Always wanted to know what Alpha you would be if you were one? I mean out of the original six. This is one of the most accurate Animal Jam quizzes on here, and the results are (possibly) accurate and have a high chance to apply to you. This quiz asks. ANIMAL JAM ALPHA QUIZ! Alphas in Animal Jam! If you enjoyed this Animal Jam video, please leave a like.



What alpha are you - Dick, Latina

I tend to be a very laid back person. Which 'Alphas' Character Are You? Well, I like protecting others and making sure nobody gets bullied! I try to free chat room nyc other people's feelings. I tend to be cautious about spending money. The mayor just august ames that your world is in danger! Who are you hoping romantic evening idea be?


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